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FCBD®Style Intensive: with Sandi Ball & Wendy Allen

@FAC Fabrique d'Art et de Culture, 149-151 rue Sainte 13001 Marseille, France

All workshops last 2h and are fulled with technique, drills and/or concepts. It is recommended to know the basics steps and concepts of FCBD®Style. If you're not sure about your level seek reference from your local teacher or contact us.

Only 12 Early Bird tickets available!



10 a.m - 12 p.m : THE SUBLIME SHIMMY - S1

Make those Shimmies big, bouncy and consistent! Let’s fine tune our technique with our standard FCBD®Style Shimmy, as well as work on the different types of Shimmies that we use, its use as a layer over other moves, and other possible variations. This class will be heavy on the drills – with focus on strengthening certain muscles and technique. This is open to the beginner, but will also be a challenge for the advanced dancer.


1 p.m -3 p.m : WHERE'S MY FRONT - S2

Changing orientation from our proscenium standard to anything else can be a challenge. We’ll focus on how to assess a performance space and use FCBD®Style group formations that allow us to face multiple-sided audiences, as well as, how to set up the chorus in these situations. This is an advanced workshop that focuses on presentation rather than technique.


3.30 p.m - 5.30 p.m : FORGOTTEN TREASURES- S3

This workshop will introduce you to some of the stylizations and steps from back in the day, when I was a baby dancer, and even earlier! Some have fallen by the wayside, and as you learn
them, we will talk about why they didn’t survive, or why they evolved. Basic knowledge of Taxeem, Body Wave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot Bump and Shimmy required.



10 a.m. -12 p.m : THE INTENT OF THE EYE - D1

To get really good at improvisation, you need to be able to read a person’s body language within an instant and react accordingly. Eye contact can also communicate a plethora of information. In this workshop, we will work on some really old FCBD® warm-ups, drills and concepts in FCBD®Style that will hone our non-verbal communication even more so than we do now. Then, get ready to use our skills for the exciting 1-2-3 Pick-Up concept for creating variety within a song, or even a set! The beginner can benefit from this class, but is best utilized by the intermediate to advanced dancer who is approaching performance level.


Over the years, new moves and formations have been added to the classic FCBD®Style repertoire. We’ll look at FCBD®’s influence on the influx of new movement, as well as get into the challenging formation and variation, Duelling Duets and Rush Hour. This will be an intermediate to advanced workshop. Vol. 7 & 9 knowledge is helpful, but not required.

3.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m : THE GIG IS UP! - D3

If you’ve been performing FCBD®Style for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across some strange scenarios and had to problem-solve your way through a challenging gig. From house parties to stage shows, from the pillar in the room to the music cutting out, any number of mishaps can happen. We’ll learn how to keep our game face and know when...the gig is up. We will recreate some challenges in the workshop, but come with your experiences so we can relate and learn! This workshop is great for the intermediate to advanced dancer.


1- In the event of cancellation from or absence of the workshop participant tickets are non-refundable.

2- If the workshops were to be cancelled by the host, Terpsichore would proceed to the reimbursement of the tickets within 3 months after the workshop dates.

3- Buy buying and attending these workshops you swear to have sufficient physical health for dance practice.

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